Thursday, 29 March 2012

Hindley High School Visit.

Hindley High School visited the studios last week for a day of workshops. Six of our artists worked with the pupils, images taken throughout the day are shown below;

Pupils response to Joyce Coulton's workshop. 

Collage produced in Joyce's workshop.

Paper Collage produced by a pupil in Joyce's workshop.

Pupil working in David Stanley's studio.

Painting produced by pupil in Dave's workshop.

Pupil's response to David Stanley workshop.

Stephen Cunliffe studio space.

Stephen Cunliffe.

Jane Fairhurst Studio.

Pupils responses to Cabinets of Curiosity.

Jane Fairhurst's workshop.

Pupil putting selected object into Jar.

Robina llewellyn's Photogram art workshop.

Pupils in Kat Button's studio.

Pupils work created in Kat Button's workshop.

Work created in Kat Button workshop.

Pupils response to Kat Button workshop.

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