Tuesday, 19 February 2013

'One After The Other' Solo exhibition by George Hale.

One The edge With Ginger Floss 

The next show at Cross Street Gallery is 'One After The Other' a Solo show by artist George Hale. We welcome you to the preview evening on Friday 1st March 7-9pm. The exhibition runs until 28th march and will be open Tue/Thu/Sat 12pm - 4pm

George states: 

"This body of work continues with the theme of my previous works, using 'Pareidolia' or the seeing of recognizable images in senseless smudges. But with these paintings i've begun to experiment with depth by creating backgrounds that give the characters a sense of space where previously they were just floating within the painting. My works have a humourous side to them but also a sinister undercurrent. I've let my creative imagination run amok with these characters, some of which i intend to paint a whole series on. I have also started to evolve by media, using oil bars and chalks in this body of work. This gives the works a more lucid, 'sense of freeness' feel." 

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