Saturday, 22 June 2013


Photography exhibition
Colin Serjent and Neil Warburton.
Preview: 21/06/2013 7.30-9.00pm (all welcome).
Gallery opening times: 22/06/2013-19/07/2013

Open: Thurs, Fri, Sat 12-4pm (and by appointment contact 01257 424804).
Colin Serjent specialises in abstract photography. His pictures contain, to varying degrees, a combination of many tones of colour, shapes and dense textures and patterns.
The main themes of Colin’s abstract work incorporates: nature, decay and erosion, sense of time, colour relationships.
Colin uses the following subjects for his images: natural habitats, weather-ravaged natural objects such as tree bark, tree trunks and branches, trampled debris and derelict buildings.
Over the last two years Neil has stood on the summits of some of our lands finest mountains, squeezed up narrow gullies and wandered through the valleys shadowed by these great cathedrals of rock. Walking, climbing, slipping, scrambling and searching…
“In all conditions these peaks are stunning reminders of a long distant time of change. When nature pushes the boundaries of safety and survival the power of this landscape is more evident. At -20° in 100mph winds, in horizontal freezing rain and snow, in dense mist and cloud where the horizon meets seamlessly into nothingness- just removing your gloves for mere seconds is almost unbearable. It’s in these conditions you can feel more connected than ever to the land we inhabit.
This is where I search for fleeting instances in time, sharing moments with rain soaked sheep or occasionally a solitary deer that many people miss or will never see.
…Remove yourself from the comforts of everyday life and step into the wilderness. It’s not always blue skies and sunsets.
Just don’t forget your map and compass.”

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